Smart Object Oriented (SOO) Technology

Introduction Smart Object Oriented (SOO) technology is the result of many years of research and development in the field of embedded systems including hardware and software topics such as ARM microcontrollers, System-on-Module integration, operating systems and software virtualization. The SOO framework has been released publicly on Gitlab in March 2020 under the GPLv2 Licence. Additional discussions and technical hints are also available in the dedicated forum. In early 2014, Prof. Daniel Rossier introduced the notion of Smart Object and the…

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Running Questasim on any OS through Docker

Questasim When doing HDL simulation Questasim is one of our main tools. However it only runs on Windows and GNU/Linux. Although we  mostly use GNU/Linux machines Questasim is not compatible with all distributions. This mainly because of library version compatibility, albeit this being fixable, it is a pain to do (find out which library is the culprit and which version is needed). So creating a Docker image seems like a good solution. It provides a known fixed environment to Questasim…

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The REDS institute is part of the High School of Engineering, Vaud. Its core skills involve board conception, firmware development and FPGA programming.

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