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Exploring GNU Radio performance in 2020

It was 2018 when I first wrote a post about bench-marking in GNU Radio. This post will expand on that, focusing on one technology I am experimenting with (eBPF) and a bit hack. This year I taught a class on High Performance Coding and one of the chapters introduces some bit hacks. Reading the excellent material from MIT 6.172 Performance Engineering of Software Systems, I stumbled upon the modular addition bit hack implementation. Considering that what I did in the…

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Exploring GNU Radio performance

Next Friday, March 16th, our University is going to have its annual open day event (if you are close to Yverdon-les-Bains it is a great opportunity to see many interesting projects!). We decided to present an SDR demo: we get a live feed from a professional camera, we use a custom developed encoder, and then we transmit the signal to a receiver, then to a decoder, and finally we display it on a large screen. The whole chain is depicted…

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