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eclipse for nRF5 SDK installation guide

Introduction nRF5 SDK allows the development of software for the nRF51 and nRF52 SoCs. Nordic Semiconductor promotes the use of the nRF Connect SDK, but I found it complex to use because it doesn’t allow bare metal (it works with the RTOS Zephyr Project) and force you to use new tools like DeviceTree and CMake that I’m not proficient with. Nordic Semiconductor offers a free license to SEGGER Embedded Studio for development with nRF chips, but if you are like…

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eclipse for nRF5 SDK using example

Introduction In the previous article, we have learnt how to install the IDE. We will now use an example provided by the nRF5 SDK. We should be able to directly build the example found in the SDK, but I don’t like this method because we often need to make some changes and I like to keep the SDK in a pristine state. In this post, we will use the blinky example for the nRF52840DK (pca10056) found in nRF5 SDK 17.1.0.…

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